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Cincinnati Innovates

to see my post about Cincinnati Innovates from last year click here

Last year was the first for the Cincinnati Innovates competition. I discovered it through a poster at school, entered my Mini Mix, and was delighted to make the 'short list' of entrants. Even though I didn't win any money last year, it was a great experience. I participated in InOneWeekend (an event where 100 people come together to start a company in one weekend), explored the possibility of developing an iphone app, and got to know some pretty influential people in the business community around Cincinnati. When it came time to kick off the competition this year, I convinced my friend Megan to go downtown with me to attend the cocktail hour and kickoff party. At that party, I talked with Cincinnati Enquirer reporter Laura Baverman about my plans to enter my thesis project (the complete portable restroom) in the competition this year. The next day, my name was in the paper (thrilling!!) The point? I have experienced over and over again the impact that making an effort has while trying to get a foothold as a young professional. Being aware of this competition and actively participating in it has already yielded so many benefits for me, and I haven't even won any cash.

Beyond that, I really appreciate what this competition is doing for Cincinnati. It is showing people the opportunity in entrepreneurship and connecting people to people in order to make things happen. In a time when I am looking for a job and there are bunches of empty storefronts downtown, it is empowering to think that starting my own business is a valid possibility.

So check out the site and vote for me here. While you're at it, why not submit your own idea? There are only a couple more weeks left in this year's competition! (It runs through 9/1)