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Cincinnati Innovates

Cincinnati has organized an initiative to recognize innovators and innovations connected to the greater Cincinnati area. It's an effort to show the world how great we are, how smart we are, and... how innovative we are. It's free to enter, and the prizes are big ($1000 for students.) As far as I can tell, judges will make the final decision on who wins, but there is also a popular vote. Why not vote for me? Check it out here.

UPDATE: As a Cincinnati Innovates participant, I have been invited (and have accepted) to participate in a weekend-long event called InOneWeekend. Entrepreneurs, open source developers, and designers come together for three days to concoct and start a business. Only 100 out of 300 applicants have been accepted. I am very excited to participate. You can check out the event at their website here.

Also wanted to draw your attention here. My friend Katie is set to open a store in Over the Rhine (downtown Cincinnati) at the end of next month. Cincy chic wrote a nice article about her and the store that explains the whole thing.


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