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Milk Bubbles

Can I tell you a secret? 

Photography is one of my primary responsibilities at work, and I never took a photo class in college. 

We had a brief introduction to the photo studio, but that was mostly so we could document our work using cheap point-and-shoot cameras. When I bought my DSLR (almost a year after graduation), I figured out how to use it through trial-and-error. But I've been shooting photos for my entire life, spotting potential compositions and interesting details everywhere I go (yes, I'm utterly smitten with Instagram.)

That being said, it seemed like it was time to get a little more technical when I added 'professional photographer' to my resume. So I signed up for Digital Camera I at the New England School of Photography. The night class met for two hours once a week, covering the basics (aperture, shutter speed, etc. etc.) and critiquing weekly assignments.

The final assignment was a series of photos. The subject could be anything, but the photos were meant to reflect what we had learned during the course. Here's my take on it, with a few extra alternate shots included for good measure.

 I like the proportions here and the fact that much of the photo is dark, but you can still see the sewer lid and the line on the pavement. It was lucky that someone was standing outside the liquor store because people always add interest to images.

 Ever stop to consider how many options there are in grocery stores? This photo is edited, but I kept the yellowy hue to hint at the florescent lights of the cooler.

More photos after the jump  

 Capturing liquid in mid-pour still feels like magic to me, like the camera is stopping time.