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every opportunity

I spent this past weekend working Harpoon Fest and the 5 Miler, slinging a camera through both events and documenting everything from beer pouring to beer drinking to road racing (and all the things that happen in-between.) Before the start of the race on Sunday, a security guard got my attention.

"I have a question for you," she said.

Anticipating an inquiry about how to get to the nearest bathroom or where to find a bottle of water, I walked over. And she caught me off guard.

"How do you get into your profession? ...into photography?"

My answer was far from straightforward because I never really considered shooting photos at a professional (really, semi-professional) level until it became part of my job description. That was a fortuitous collision of hobby (photography) and career (design), fueled by persistence. I took photos almost every day through college, before I owned either an SLR or iPhone. Over time, I started seeing the world as a series of potential photos, anticipating which ones might work better than others. And I got comfortable behind a camera.

So when my employer needed someone to take photos, it just... clicked.

The photos I'm sharing here were taken for the organizational chart at work. The standard for org chart photos is pretty crummy—the function of being able to recognize an employee wins over the form of making sure it's a beautiful portrait. But I saw this little series as an opportunity to show our new hires in their best light, and got lucky with an abundance of natural light.

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Hoping to share more photos (work and otherwise) soon.