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here's to the dads

Today's the day that we recognize and celebrate the dads in our lives. I'm lucky to know a bunch of kind, warm, and loving men who cherish their children and work hard to provide for them. And my dad fully fell into that category. He taught me how to have an adventurous spirit, how to work really hard, and that it's OK to spend money when you want something. He showed me love and kindness and was the very definition of what it means to be generous. 

I've been luckier than lucky to have parents who support me in every part of my life. When I chose to go to a college with a co-op program, they were quick to plan visits to my intern housing in upstate New York and Southern California. These visits were SO fun—we played tourist in my temporary hometowns and it was the first time I got to host my folks.

When Mom and Dad visited me in Los Angeles, we all spent the weekend at their Huntington Beach hotel. On Saturday Dad decided we should rent bikes, and we proceeded on a fairly lengthy voyage down the boardwalk. Just as I was getting sort of worn out, Mom said, "Did you see that!?" She swore she had just caught glimpse of a bulldog skateboarding past. 

Not knowing what to think, Dad and I rode ahead to investigate. And what we found was exactly what Mom had seen: a skateboading bulldog riding beside his bike-riding owner. We slowed our pace to ride behind them for awhile, marveling all along at the novelty of California.

While relatively simple, it's a moment of wonder that we shared. And it's something I suspect I'll hold close for many years to come. 

Tonight, on Father's Day, I wish everyone many such moments of wonder, many many dad-sized bear hugs, and at least one opportunity to witness a skateboard riding bulldog.

Dad at race car school (aka kid in a candy shop :))