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(Anyone know where this graphic originated? It's been floating around the internet and I would love to give credit to the creator.)

I live in Boston. I'm a runner (a title that didn't come naturally to me, but was claimed after many miles on the road.) I'm a marathon spectator, having cheered at Boston the past two years and the Flying Pig Marathon before that. And just like for many other people, the bombings on Monday feel extraordinarily personal.

I've scoured the internet, checked news updates hourly, and cried. I bought the tribute tee (here) and have wondered how I could possibly help in the wake of these tragic events.

More than one site has recommended simply getting out the door and going for a run. So today after watching the interfaith prayer service I did just that, lacing up my running shoes and pulling on my BAA 10K shirt from last year. I made my way to the stretch of Commonwealth Ave know as Heartbreak Hill and let my feet carry me. A car honked. I had a chance to clear my head. Many things 'clicked' into place.

Runners, we have got to get out and run. We've gotta show everyone else we will not be thwarted. We've gotta encourage each other to get out the door. And we have got to start healing ourselves.

Stay #bostonstrong xo


  1. The graphic was created by Hairpin Communications Senior Designer Aaron Bouvier.
    Right after it happened I ordered a print of that design (proceeds going to One Fund) to have framed and just got it in the mail today. It reminded me of your blog post.
    Here is a link to the "About" section of the page I got it from
    Link to Hairpin


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