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Good Candle BK

Industrial design is intriguing. People find their way to it from all different sorts of backgrounds (a constant topic of conversation in school.) Almost no non-designers know what it is ('you mean you design gears and stuff?') And it seems like a field with plenty of opportunity. Everything on this planet has to be designed, right!?

Well, with great opportunity comes great responsibility. As well as the straight-out fact that industrial design is b-r-o-a-d. Industrial designers can design cars, hair dryers, kid's toys, or ketchup bottles. And these days, they can design services, consumer products, commercial products, websites, web apps, and many many other things.

So it stands to reason that it can be hard figuring out what to do with an industrial design degree. Go work for a consultancy? For a corporation? Maybe try freelancing for a bit? And it makes me particularly excited to see one of my fellow industrial designers enjoying success by paving his own way. 

Johnathan Kroeger graduated a year ahead of me and has since started Good Candle BK. He's making an awesome product that's being recognized by some industry bigwigs like stockist Steven Alan. They just posted an interview with Johnathan here.

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