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Single Serving Cookie

Have you ever purchased a 'nip' of liquor? I have exactly three times in my life, and one of those times was yesterday. It was cold and grey, and my to-do list was long because of impending holiday travel plans. But dang it, man, it was a Sunday and I had a hankering for a little Bailey's in my coffee. So I bought a single serving because that's what reasonable people (or at least people without liquor cabinets) do.

Well one thing led to another, and I promptly got a craving for a warm-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie. So I turned to google and found this 'single serving' recipe. I'd say it's one's a keeper. I got four normal-sized cookies instead of two large ones, and mine turned out a bit more caky than normal. But using more brown sugar than white while leaving the egg whites out altogether resulted in a slightly nutty, more complex flavor that's hard not to love.

Try it! You won't be sorry.

PS- Loving the USA Pan bakeware I picked up from the Williams-Sonoma outlet a few weeks ago. It is so worth it to invest in good quality kitchen tools, even if you have to do it one pan at a time.