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Choose to Shine

There's an incredible event happening tonight in a little suburb of Boston. People are gathering to raise money for Luke's Lights, and, in turn, for Unite to Light. There will be a family potluck style dinner followed by inspirational speakers and plenty of dance-worthy live music. It's an event not to be missed. (Seeing this now and interested in attending? More info here.) 

Unite to Light is an organization focused on bringing little solar powered lights to people who need them, particularly students in parts of the world that are off the electrical grid. These lights provide an alternative to kerosene lamps; they allow people to continue their days after the sun goes down without worrying about the safety (or lack thereof) of kerosene.

Luke's Lights is a movement that started after the sudden death of a close friend's young son earlier this year. It was (is) a big, gaping, impossible-to-conceive of tragedy, the sort of thing that makes you want to climb into bed, pull the covers over your head, and stay there for a good long while.

The idea for Luke's Lights hatched in the early days after the tragedy, when there were hundreds of people gathered around asking what they could do. Donating to Luke's Lights became what they could do. Together with Unite to Light, Luke's Lights has already donated thousands of solar lights to those who need them. And I gotta tell you, this feels like just the beginning.

The power of turning grief into action has been incredible.

I once read a book about the United States Women's National Soccer team, and they said that they often talk about the five minutes after a goal is scored as being pivotally important. That's when things are still a bit chaotic, and it's the best scoring opportunity for both teams. It's when everyone on the field has to be sure to be playing their best.

I think life is the same way. There are things that happen that can knock us off our course, make things wonky, keep skies cloudy. But it's up to us to brush our shoulders off, stand back up, and grab those emotions by the reins. It's up to us to make the best of what we've got, to see a glimmer of opportunity amidst all the sadness. Because that glimmer might just turn out to be a spark. And that spark might just light up the world.

Images are courtesy of Unite to Light, and quote pairings are courtesy of me. Both are part of a series of posters I made to be hung around the venue for tonight's event.


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