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tips for my kids / say YES

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I've long admired bloggers who have regular features. I think For Me, For You's (now mostly defunct) Bits of My Weekend was the first one I followed, checking in every Monday to see the newest batch of beautiful photos.  Now there's Amanda Jane Jone's My Better Half, Shutterbean's I love lists, Friday!, and Darling Studio's good glad & lovely (among many, many others.)

Recently I've been thinking of a feature of my own: tips for my kids. Let me be clear... I don't have kids. And I could be wrong, but I would bet that I won't be having kids for a handful of years. But I'm learning lots of important things now, things I'll eventually want my kids to know too. So I'm going to start keeping track of them here. 

Lesson #1? Say yes.

When people invite you to join them for a meal (or a snack), go somewhere, do something, or just generally spend time together, it's a good practice to say yes. That's how you get to know people. Getting to know people leads to having friends. And friends are important.

I realized this during my first internship. My supervisor (who is now a good friend and trusted mentor) was a somewhat grumpy older guy. During the time I was there, he was dealing with severe back pain and tended to be short with words. But he liked to take a walk to the cafeteria nearly every morning for coffee, and he always invited me to come along. At the time, I didn't really drink coffee, but I went anyway. After ten weeks of coffee breaks, we had established a lasting friendship (and I had a newfound appreciation for java.)

There are, of course, times when you should not say yes. Don't get into cars with strangers. Don't drink the water in Mexico. Try to avoid breaking the law. But whenever your gut isn't screaming 'STOOOP!', try saying yes. You won't believe the adventures—and people—it will lead you to.