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Have you heard of Brimfield? It's a town in Massachusetts. But, more notably, it's the location of three annual humongous antique fairs. This past (sunny, perfect) Saturday we spent the afternoon winding in and out of just a fraction of the Brimfield tents. It was the perfect opportunity to play with my new-to-me DSLR camera. (The recent purchase of that camera also kept my antique fair spending reigned in... I went home with just three vintage plates.)

Do you do that thing where you decide you want to buy something and then spend days/ weeks/months/years mulling over the decision to actually buy it because of the cost? I definitely do. I've been thinking about upgrading my point-and-shoot camera for a couple of years now, but have always balked at the $500+ price tag on entry level DSLR's. A few weeks ago, I spotted a slightly older model (the Canon Rebel Xs)—in nearly mint condition and at a great price—on craigslist. It still wasn't cheap, but I pounced, and have been enjoying the purchase ever since.

It's exciting to have something new to learn about, and I'm looking forward to taking better photos. This great tutorial is where I'm starting... 

Do you ever stop to look at toll booths? Their color schemes are sorta rad!
More photos after the jump...

If you make it to Brimfield, you have got to try the doughnuts. They're dreamy and warm and sugary and downright perfect.