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work lately / Free the Children

Over the past year I've done a lot of (contract) work with B. toys. The team behind this innovative brand is quite small, so all sorts of tasks have come across my desk. This has made it a pretty incredible job because it's given me the opportunity to learn A LOT.

Exhibit A:
B.'s parent company Battat donates 10 cents from every B. (and now OG) toy they sell directly to Free the Children. Have you heard of them? They're an incredible organization that works to help bring resources like schools, clean water, and clinics to people (particularly children) in need around the world. 

Since B. started almost two years ago those dime donations have started to really add up, and they've helped a lot of people. So the B. team wanted to do something to thank everyone who has purchased a toy or sent support.

We decided that a happy video and blog post would be just the ticket. Armed with a handful of photos and videos from Ngosuani, the village B.'s contributions have helped the most, I got to work putting something together.

Here's the 'first draft':

More after the jump...

The thing to realize here is that I'm a video making newbie. I've dabbled with iMovie a few times, but nothing much more than that. So making this video was a practice in story telling, setting up a shot (on my kitchen table), and editing.

The rest of the team reviewed what I came up with and made some suggestions about how to make the video more distinctly B. We tweaked some wording, swapped my voice and handwriting for Chief Toymaker Gisela's, and shot on brown Kraft press proofs. I have to say that I'm rather happy with how it turned out. And who knows... maybe now there will be more video making in my future!

You can see the B.log post this video accompanied here.