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Girl Walk // All Day

Have you heard of Girl Talk? It's the name Gregg Gillis releases epic mash-up music under. The music is loud and thumping and very perfect for dancing. It's also my go-to when I need to focus. I plug my headphones in, turn the music up, and get to work. 

Girl's Talk's latest album, All Day, is meant to be listened to in one continuous stream. In the past few months a small group of dancers and filmmakers (and, apparently, avid Girl Talk fans) got together and made an amazing feature-length music video for the album. It chronicles the adventures of three dancers in New York City and is sure to make you smile.

You can view the entire film chapter-by-chapter here. Hope it inspires a dance party (or three!)

Official Trailer: Girl Walk // All Day from Girl Walk // All Day on Vimeo.

PS- Interested in Girl Talk? This episode of Hulu's 'A Day in the Life' follows the crew around for an entire day and is really interesting if you've ever wondered what life on the road is like.