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Jolly Holidays

How were your holidays? Did you spend them with family? Did you travel? Were you too sleep deprived to remember anything anyway?
Mom and I had a mostly quiet Christmas at home. I convinced her to put up the aluminum tree so we could use the (surprise!) authentic, vintage, in-the-original-box color wheel I got her. She surprised me with a homemade ornament (sooo creative), a dino, a pair of Sperry's, and a pie mat I've been lusting after for awhile. But the biggest treat, really, was just to have some time to spend together at home. I'm lucky to work from my apartment, which means I can have extended working holidays at home with mom. Even when she and I both work full days, it's soooo great to spend our evenings together, cooking dinner and watching TV. It just feels so normal. And so so comfy.

Every year we try to resist the commercial pull of Christmas. No matter how hard we try, though, we really haven't been successful yet. This year we spent a couple hours on Christmas Eve perusing the aisles of Target for gifts for my siblings and nephews. It is fun to get little gifts for the people you care about. But it's hard to avoid that stressful obligated feeling of trying to be sure you have a gift for everyone who has a gift for you. Do you exchange gifts with friends and family? Would you wish it any other way?

Hope your holidays were very very merry and bright. And that you find a great way to ring in the new year :)