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I work because...

The awesome desktop wallpaper above comes from Jason Bacher via The Donut Project.

If you ask my mom, she'll tell you that one of the no-fail ways to get me to laugh is for her to cuss. It's true. Of course, I should explain that this is mostly because she very rarely curses in day-to-day life. And it certainly depends on the situation. (Saying 'oh shit' after leaving the house without gloves could be funny. Saying 'oh shit' after hearing that family member x is in the hospital is not.)

The humor of the phrase 'I work because I love this shit' is what caught my eye. But I saved the image above to my desktop because I realized I believe in what it says.

I work because I love this shit.

I've been struggling a bit with keeping content on this blog. Instead of having days filled with hours in studio and, after that, hours at home sketching, my days are now full of design and development work I'm doing for someone else. I'm also constantly combing the web for inspiration, content, and links that I can post for someone else. 

That's okay, and it works, and I'm happy because I love what I do. And that love of what I do is what gets me out of bed every single morning. Don't get me wrong—things are not always daisies and sunshine and chocolate cake donuts. But I'm finding that loving what I do is a mighty powerful undercurrent to even the most difficult days.

My point? I hope the phrase 'I work because I love this shit' resonates with you. I hope you can nod your head—even just a little—in agreement. And if you can't, or you don't get it, or you used to feel that way and you don't anymore, I hope you'll do something about it.

As for this blog, there are plenty of exciting things coming down the pipeline. I'm working on a side project that I hope to unveil in early 2012, I signed up for TWO sketchbooks in the Sketchbook project, and...I'm going to be teaching a college-level course this spring(!) 


  1. what a great post. i'm so with you on these sentiments!


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