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photo print postcards

When was the last time you opened an envelope stuffed full of your photos?

It had been a long while for me—I've been using a digital camera for ages now, and rarely take the time (and spend the money) to get prints. Then a friend told me a horror story about computer glitches and hard drive failures resulting in years of lost photos. So when I got an offer from for 50 free prints, I figured...why not? And ordered a stack of photos from my first six months in Boston.

There's something really nice about having physical prints.—the kind that come on photo paper, not on copy paper out of your home printer. I'm much more diligent about carrying my camera and taking photos than I have ever been about keeping a journal. And I like the idea that I can stash these prints away in a drawer or album and be able to share my experiences with friends and family long after my computer (and camera) are outdated.

There's something else about photo prints...they make great, super-simple postcards(!) 

I just used rubber cement to glue the photos directly onto corrugated cardboard. The corrugate is a really nice surface for writing, and the postcard recipient ends up with a personal message along with a nice 'matted' photo. It's a win-win. I'm thinking about doing my Christmas cards this way this year...