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six months

I think it's fair to say that Joy the Baker has become my new favorite blog. It's quirky, it's fun, the food photos are great, the recipes are reliable (hey there strawberry-upside-down cake!), and the podcast is a reliable highlight of my week. Joy just did a post about her summer so far, and it made me stop and realize...sheesh! It's August, and I've been in Massachusetts for six months now.

So, to acknowledge and commemorate the time, here's one photo from each month of my New England residency thus far...

I buy Yogi Tea for the little quotes on the tea bags. They're like fortune cookies, but better. This one felt perfect for March, the month in which I moved away from family and friends to an entirely different part of the country so I could... work from home. 

It was still cold in April. Like, really cold. But I hopped into my 'I'm-in-a-new-city-and-want-to-do-stuff' mode and went solo to National Pillow Fight Day in Cambridge. It was silly (and sort of violent) fun.

Mom came to visit at the beginning and end of a business trip. She was in town for 10ish days, and it rained on 9 of those days. The day she went home, the skies were blue and the sun was shining. Go figure. I was thrilled to show mom my apartment and some parts of the city. Even more than that, though, it was just nice to be in the same spot after not seeing each other for two months.

The city really came alive in June. People were out walking around, there were events every weekend, and summer officially started. We went downtown for the Bruins parade and stood around waiting for the hockey players to roll by in duck boats. More exciting than the parade, though, was the people watching and visiting the Thinking Cup (where they brew my favorite Stumptown coffee) right afterwards.

July was a full month. It started with camping in upstate New York, followed by the classic Boston Fourth of July at the Hatch Shell (picnic pictured above), my first trip to a Boston beach, a much-anticipated concert, and then two weeks at home. July was the most summery summer month I've had in awhile.

 We're thankfully still in August (not quite ready for the cold weather implications of September yet...) But the month started with a delightful 24-hour visit with my California friend who was vacationing on a little island in Rhode Island. It was a huuuge treat to be able to see my friend after two hours of driving (instead of 5ish hours of flying), and we without-a-doubt made the most of our island time.