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Have you ever come across an object, and just known it will be an heirloom? Something you will hold on to for years to come? Something you might just pass on to your kids someday? (Kids you just know you'll have even if you don't have a boyfriend at the moment?! ;))

Just in case you're wondering, (reliable source that it is) defines heirloom thus:


  [air-loom]  Show IPA
a family possession handed down from generation togeneration.

My mom bought me this comb last week, and something about it makes me think it has staying power. I love that it has 'hand made' imprinted in fancy gold letters. (Can someone puh-lease tell me how the heck you make a hand made plastic comb!?) It's sturdy but beautiful, unique and lovely. It feels like quality even though it was inexpensive, and its small enough to always always fit in my bag or my car, no matter where travels take me.

Some business-savy designers like the idea of planned obsolescence. I like to hold tight to the blue sky concept of well-made objects that are built to last. 

On a pretty different note, it's rolling into heirloom tomato season. I don't really like tomatoes (at all), but mom and I went in search of a few for this recipe. (Make it! Make it now!) We bought this tomato, even though it was half rotten, because of his face. If you ever, ever wonder where I get my spirit, it's a simple equation: two parts parents, one part me :)