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what i did this weekend

I moved to a new city about a month ago, and have been jam-packing my weekends with exploring, meeting up with old friends, and overall getting my bearings. I thought I'd share this weekend with you in a sketch because its fun (definitely for me and hopefully for you.) Highlights included:

FRIDAY: After grocery shopping, I rode the cart all the way back down the parking lot hill to the 'cart corral.' On the way back up to my car, a complete stranger said, 'have fun?' I replied with an enthusiastic 'YES!'

SATURDAY: It took more than an hour to open a bank account at the local bank mostly because the lady helping me was quite chatty. But she was super friendly. Later in the afternoon, I rode my bike downtown to meet up with a high school friend. Felt incredibly empowered that I bypassed the T on my bicycle :)

SUNDAY: Picked up a patio chair I had admired a year ago at Lowe's. Now I have a porch and a lease for more than 3 months. The time is right :) A guy working there literally told me, 'With a personality like yours, people will have a hard time not meeting you.' The day basically ended with another bike ride downtown and burgers and iced tea with friends. I loooove Sunday dinner with people I care about!

Happy Sunday night/Monday everybody! Hope this week is a good one.