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wall magic: blik

I've been working on sprucing up my space, and it's fun...but challenging.
There are a lot of big beige walls 'round these parts, and since I'm subletting, I'm not so keen on painting the place. Art is expensive and hard to justify (why not make it yourself??)

What I'm getting at, though, is that I found a pretty fun alternative: blik. Blik is a company that makes big, removable, designy wall decals. I've seen wall decals before, but never this clever.

I'm about 99% sure that I'll get the one on the left for my office. It's a collaboration with threadless and called, 'It Makes Toast!" (More on why that makes sense for the office soon...)

And blik's stick-on headboards make so much sense. They're cute and functional. What's the purpose of an actual headboard, anyway?

Psssst...just about forgot to mention how affordable these things are, too. That toasty one runs $30 and is about 60" long. Try finding an art print that size for that price!