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AIGA One Day for Design

The past 24 hours have been host to one of the coolest events I've participated in in awhile.
AIGA's One Day for Design  brought people together—mostly via Twitter—to talk about design.
The head honchos brought in moderators to prod the public with prying questions, and an all-out twitter storm ensued.

Topics ranged from why we design to the future of design education to what role designers should play in promoting social change. The rapid fire format made me realize what I really think about the topics. When you're trying to respond to people as quickly as possible, there's not too much time to analyze your answer, and I wonder if that was sort of the point? It was a survey of designers to see what the state of the industry really is. 

The One Day for Design hashtag on Twitter is #1D4D. Keep your eyes peeled for a wrap-up of today's 24-hour event. And hey, now is as good a time as ever to mention that I've joined the Twitter! Say hello @carlyhagins any time :)