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your personal lens

"If I'm talking to people about what things look like, I better understand how to look at things."
Michael Wolff

In order to capture really interesting, compelling photos, you have to start looking at the world a little differently. Or maybe its better said that photos can be so interesting because they give you a hint at how the photographer sees the world?

In any case, design school and Jan Chipchase have greatly influenced my own 'lens.' I spent last Saturday in the Boston Museum of Fine Art. One of the very cool things about the MFA is they let you take photos. Here are some of the photos I walked away with at the end of the day. 
Look closely here: this drinking fountain has two handles-one for lefties and one for righties. Add to it the fact that its situated low enough on the wall for someone in a wheelchair to access it, and you have a very nice example of universal design.

I'm curious if frame makers consider the shadow their frames will cast as a result of direct museum lighting. Some of the shadows around the museum were exceptionally neat...

See the cookie sheet in the top left-hand corner? That's what caught my eye.

This cardboard box with a colorful handle marked 'glass' made me look. The MFA is in the process of putting up a Chihuly exhibit. I am SO excited.

One of my favorites from the entire day. Is this the new normal for experiencing art? These two lovebirds are standing in front of one of the most famous impressionist paintings in the world, and both are taking a photos with their phones. It makes me a little sad (but then again, I was standing right there and taking a photo of them...)