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ready for spring

I'm ready for spring. We're about at that point where I stop wearing socks with my sneakers (sorry- that's sort of gross, but true), start wearing shorts, and leaving my winter coat at home in hopes that mother nature will notice. Someone has to let the lady know that we're ready for warmer weather!

It's that mindset, exactly, that has me drooling over the Bodum Fyrkat. I saw one in a local discount store for $25 today, and really had to restrain myself. I can so clearly picture backyard BBQ's and summer lunches made 'round this mini, mighty, beautiful little grill. The only thing that made me save my money? The $25 version was fairly low-key white. If it would have been lime green (like the one above), I would surely be a new grill owner by now :)

>>UPDATE: I'm a grill owner!! Yippee!! Found it in yellow for $25 and just couldn't pass it up...