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happy music!

There's no question that studying industrial design developed my taste in music. There was a time when all I listened to was the Barenaked Ladies (don't get me wrong- I still love those guys.) Then I got to college, and to hours upon hours of sketching and rendering and tweaking and all sorts of stuff that made having some background music nice. Good friends introduced me to Architecture in Helsinki (eee! new CD soooon), the Avett Brothers, and All Songs Considered on NPR. Now that I'm out of school, my days are full of background music, and I'm always looking for another good sound to play on repeat. Coworkers at a co-op introduced me to WERS (88.9), and it's a go-to station pretty much any day of the week (although I'm not a big fan of their after-hours reggae.) They played this song by Jamie Lidell today, and I like it! Catchy, fun, happy, and added to my play list.