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There are a few documents on my computer that I positively cherish. One of them is a pdf that includes 5 Thanksgiving recipes from my mom's side of the family. Each recipe is handwritten by a different member of the family.

The cool thing is, you can sortof see the resemblance amongst the handwriting. It's almost like you could tell that these recipe-writers are related without knowing that beforehand. 

(L to R: grandma's potatoes, aunt Linda's sweet potato casserole, mom's corny bake)

I have to wonder what is going to happen to handwriting in the next 50 years. For the past 50+ years, it has been a primary mode of communication, and in some cases a legacy amongst family members. There are instances that will necessitate handwriting for awhile- servers taking orders in restaurants comes to mind. Really, though, in the age of the iPad, what cannot be replaced with a keyboard?

Just something I've been thinking about- maybe something to explore more in-depth at a later point. I would love to see some samples of family handwriting and learn more about how handwriting- and script- has evolved throughout time.