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too much packaging: orbit gum

 I was reading something the other day about excessive packaging (tried to find the exact post, but can't seem to remember where it was...) The post made me stop and think. This designer called out the packaging of an InCase ipod case as super-excessive. I've admired that packaging before, but never really considered how wasteful it was. I practically couldn't (and still can't) believe myself- I'm a trained designer with a passion for responsible design. How had I not consciously thought about that before!?

Well, then, last night, I went to open a new pack of gum and realized- Orbit uses too much packaging too.
The little pack of gum is shiny with big branding and stands out on the shelf.
 I appreciate the witty use of the Orbit 'O' at the open here spot... but wait... that shiny exterior is removable plastic?! Huh??
 Ohhhh neat-o window effect with the plastic wrapper. A mod, still-branded cardstock box emerges..
and each piece of gum comes individually wrapped in a little piece of paper., to recount, there's plastic, then paper, then more paper housing 14 little pieces of chewing gum. It is, by all accounts, a beautiful package. The question is, is it necessary? Could they still sell the gum in just the box? Would people be as willing to have a big, branded container of gum in their purse as they are to have a mod-looking semi-branded container? My bet is that they wouldn't mind at all.

So, here's my challenge to you: be more aware about the packaging you're consuming. It might change your buying decisions.