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in defense of christmas cards

I've been mailing out Christmas cards for years.  They go to close friends and family, and a couple people who I don't think will be expecting a card (makes it all the more fun!)  This is one of the best 'constants' for me when it comes to the holidays- I like the process of choosing (sometime making) the cards, addressing them, and filling them with notes and well-wishes.  

This year, my mom sent a card to an old family friend.  The friend responded with an email, saying thanks for the card while also bemoaning the rampant waste of paper and strain on postmen.  

Well, I'm here to argue that a warm holiday greeting is worth the paper its printed on, and Christmas cards are one of the few things keeping our postal workers in service.  I'm a highly environmentally conscious individual, but I, for one, hope that physical Christmas cards are here to stay.

Vintage Christmas cards courtesy of Ravensmagiclantern (on flickr)