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ignite cincinnati

Here is the presentation I'm giving this evening at Ignite Cincinnati.

A little bit of background information:  I graduated from the University of Cincinnati last June with a Bachelor of Science in industrial design.  The capstone project, which is the last project before graduation, is very much self-directed.  I decided to design a portable restroom, or port-o-potty.  The first question people usually ask is 'why?'  Designing a portable restroom was an easy choice because there is so much room for improvement.

One of the (unintentionally) most entertaining parts of the whole project was a short online survey I did as part of my research.  About 150 people responded (thanks facebook!), and many of the responses are incredibly descriptive and frequently hilarious.  My Ignite presentation is all about the survey results, and I actually compiled almost all of them into a little self-published book that you can download (for free) or purchase here.

There was a nice article about the project in UC's News Record, which you can view here.  Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments.  
You can email me @: