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TEDx Cincy

Yesterday I spent the entire day in an auditorium full of people listening to talks about subjects ranging from trans-media to daguerreotypes to climate change.  It was all part of TEDx Cincy, a local, independently organized event aligned with the big, annual TED conference in California.

I was impressed with the overall organization and flow of the event, but I think the speakers ranged from really good (Dave Knox and Brad King come to mind) to more or less out of place (sorry, Mary Pierce Brosmer.)  It was a day of studying what it means to be a good speaker and make a meaningful presentation.  Some people got it, and some people didn't.  New ideas were introduced, but many of the talks missed having a 'point.'  It made me realize that one of the #1 things I learned in design school was how to make a good presentation.

In-between live speakers, we saw a couple videos from TED events around the world.  The video above, from Jane McGonigal, was actually my favorite talk of the entire day.  She's a dynamic speaker with a good presentation on an interesting topic.  I recommend finding 20 minutes to listen to what she has to say.

Laura Baverman, from the Cincinnati Enquirer, wrote a good summary of the day here.