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news record spotlight

Earlier this week, I got an email from the college living editor at the News Record, UC's student newspaper.  She had heard about my thesis project and was wondering if she could interview me for a feature in the paper.  We met the next day and had a really good conversation, which lead to this full-page article being published yesterday.  I'm really happy with the article, and its thrilling to get published like this.  You can read the article, in its entirety, here.

One of the coolest things about the whole experience, though, is how Jayna tracked me down.  She saw my project mentioned in a Cincinnati Enquirer article about Cincinnati Innovates, and then tried to find me on facebook (my privacy settings are high) and twitter (not a member.)  She eventually tried google, which lead her to my blog, and finally she tracked down my email address.  I'm impressed with her persistence and her use of my blog- in so many ways, it validates me keeping this thing going.

Jayna keeps a blog herself, and you can check it out at: