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what if you had to ride your bike?

Lately I have been using my bicycle for about 80% of my local errands.  This includes visiting friends and fairly frequent visits to the grocery store (pictured at left is my trusty steed locked up at the local grocery.)

All this bicycle riding has me thinking: what would you no longer buy if you had to take it home on your bike?  I know plenty of people who wouldn't be limited at all- they'd strap some panniers or a trailer on, and be ready to roll.  Personally, I don't buy any large quantities of liquid (gallons of milk, 2 liters of soda, bottled water, etc.)  It's also a pretty effective way to stay on a budget, when you can't really buy more groceries than can fit in your bag.

Maybe things would be better if everyone rode their bike?  Maybe they'd at least get a bike rack at the grocery store so I wouldn't have to lock up next to the fire wood...