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wedding season

Last week (and for awhile before last week), I was introduced to the wild world of weddings.  My good friends Jen and Joe got married on Saturday.  As an unemployed member of the wedding party, I spent most of the week leading up to the wedding making paper flowers, setting tables, and coordinating schedules.  I even got to go to the tasting with the caterer when Jen's mom had to stay home at the last minute.

Here's what I learned:
-Designers make great weddings, but planning pays off.  Homemade decorations and invitations make a great, unique, bold statement that is impressive to everyone.
-Weddings can easily go from being all about the couple getting married to being all about their respective families, carrying out long held traditions and doing things the way they are expected to be done.  Be ready to compromise (its not always a bad thing!)
-Making a schedule makes everyone more comfortable.
-Choose your wedding party wisely.  They're your closest support, and can make a big difference in the overall execution of the wedding.

The wedding was definitely a success, and I had an absolute blast being around some of my very good friends for a few days.  Not sure who will be next to be married.....