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stranger than fiction

This evening I had the good fortune to have some old-fashioned fun with a good friend. We ate, we drank, and we watched movies. The second movie we watched was Stranger than Fiction. The movie came out in '06, and my best bet is that it got passed over by many because of the previews that made it appear to be completely about a man who has a literally narrated life. The actual plot twists a bit more, and I'm hesitant to spell out the whole story (its a GOOD movie- one definitely worth your time.)

There are a couple things worth pointing out, though, and they won't ruin the story:
(1) The main character (played by Will Ferrel) has a wrist watch that plays a pivotal part in the movie. I believe this could be seen as a literary technique but its also an interesting commentary on the connection between people and their things. Whereas the character starts out without much social interaction, he always has his trusted wrist watch.

(2) There are some unreal motion graphics in the movie, particularly in the opening scenes (see youtube video above.) These were done by firm M12 and are a brilliant example of how powerful design can be. The motion graphic elements add depth and interest to the images in this film.

(3) One of the underlying messages of the whole movie is to pursue a life that excites you, to make the most of the time that you have. It's an interesting thing to face as someone who recently graduated and is on the brink of starting the next part of my life. I would like to choose something fulfilling but also responsible, and I guess the big question of the moment is how to strike that perfect balance.

Moral of the story, though: ...find a way to see this movie. You won't regret it.