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my stuff

Here's an idea for a recurring spot on my blog: a short segment with hopefully interesting photos about some of the things I own. This is totally inspired by my own curiosity about why people buy the things they buy and how they interact with them day-to-day. It's the 'why' in the industrial design equation of making stuff.

To start things off right, I present... my LaCie rugged external hard drive. At 250 gigs, its small by todays standards, but fits my needs just fine. I like the small, portable size and buy into the claim that it can withstand drops, bumps, and scrapes. This thing can and does go everywhere my (admittedly heavy, outdated) laptop goes, and proved to be particularly useful during my last months at school while I was working on my thesis project.

So, to really break it down: I bought this drive online. It's my second external hard drive (I like having two because I have heard horror stories about externals mercilessly dying) and I prefer it over my first because its USB powered (no need to plug into the wall), small, and seemingly durable. I mostly like the security it affords me, but as something that often sits next to me in public places, I appreciate that it looks cool too.