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today is super// concierge shopping

Today is super.  For real.  It's my good friend Rohan's birthday.  I've known her for a walloping nine years now (it's unbelievable how old high school friends are quickly becoming) and she is a lovely lady.  In any case, I ventured out to look for an appropriate gift for her and came across this planner "Today is Super."  It allows a couple pages for each day, with space for 'daily doodles,' 'to do lists,' and 'daily expenses.'  It's functional cute (Rohan is heading back to school to finish up her Masters degree soon) and includes funny not-so-skilled little drawings that are somehow still endearing.

I found the journal at Anthropologie.  I like the store, but its a bit pricey for my wallet and I tend to divert to more local options, anyway.  That being said, I always notice their selection of books, and I'm always tempted to buy them all.  Its the perfect example of concierge shopping: the staff at Anthropologie comb through current offerings from publishers and pick out quirky books that fit the personality of the people who shop at their store.  Concierge shopping is an interesting way to add value to products through service.  It's the whole idea behind my friend Katie's store, Atomic Number 10.