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silicone watches

Last year when I was in Europe, these silicone watches caught my eye. They seemed so unique and somehow... European. I mean, they were cool. When I found out that they were affordable (about $20 each), I bought one in Belgium. When I found out some of them glowed in the dark, I bought another one in Spain. My watches are by the brand Too Late, which is a MOMA project. I love both my watches and wear one of them almost every day. The only issues I have is that the waterproofing wears down over time and its impossible to read my glow in the dark watch in the dark; only the band- not the face- glows. Oh, well...its still cool.

Silicone watches seem to be super popular in Italy right now, and I've noticed a couple different competing brands. Some of them are trickling into the US. I'd bet that you'll be seeing more of these things soon.