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Joe Knows

This post is going to read like a paid advertisement, but it isn't- really. It seems like every time I go to the grocery store there is something to take a photo of because it is so unique, or it stands out, or it's just plain beautiful. Maybe I am destined for a job in food packaging...

What caught my eye during a late-night shopping trip last night were these coffee bags for Joe coffee. They're big and bold (and dare I say beautiful), with the perfect shelf location- right at eye level- and they totally pop out. When done correctly, I am a big fan of this sort of simplistic packaging solution; not too much text, just enough to convey the message. The color palette is spot-on (makes me feel like I am in a trendy coffee shop) and the quirky names (i.e. tall, dark, and handsome) are even almost cute. The only thing I'm not crazy about? The little "coffee" text between the O and the E. It probably needs to be there, somewhere, but it seems disruptive where it is.

If you want to check out the product more, head here