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back from the storm

Well, I made it. I'm graduated. I'm finished. Apologies for the looooong gap in posts here; the past month has been a flurry of working on my thesis project (will post more on that later), fitting in as much time with friends before they all depart for various cities and various adventures, and trying to keep my head above water. Now I'm getting ready for my next big adventure: finding a job. It's not the best of times (but not the worst) for creative professionals, and I think it'll be interesting to see where I end up, not only because I still don't know precisely what I want to do, but because the market is still a little fickle (is that the correct word?) and I am willing (and happy) to go in a not-precisely-design direction. All that being said, I am getting back to this blog, and starting out with a highlight of another blog: lost at e minor. It's a place to find inspiration and innovation from another corner of the world (Austrailia, I think?) Enjoy!