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alternative energy

The top image shows the bogolight, a solar powered light produced by SunLight Solar. There are two different sizes (mini and 'regular') and SunLight Solar provides a buy one/give one program, where, if you pay for it, they'll send a light to someone in a 'developing' country (similar to Toms shoes). While I'm not sure that this is the best humanitarian solution, it is undeniably getting lights to people who need them.

The second image shows the Energizer Solar Carabiner Crank light (which I photographed at Target yesterday.) Apparently, Energizer has introduced a number of solar powered products. The flash light, in particular, can be solar powered and crank powered, so its ready any time.

The Energizer product caught my attention because the design is so similar to the bogo, which was designed, and produced first. The bogolight is a little more expensive, doesn't have the crank, and offers the opportunity to send one to someone who needs it. The Energizer light is designed a little better (in my opinion) and brings tangible alternative energy to the masses (it doesn't get much more mainstream than Target.) So my question is- is one light better than the other? Why? Is it OK for a big company like Energizer to so obviously try to stomp out a smaller company like SunLight Solar?