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what is the image you are conveying?

[photo from dvs on flickr]
I've spent a lot of time lately thinking about what the products we buy, and own, and wear say about us to others. I would argue, that you could tell me everything about a person walking down the street based on the clothes they are wearing, the bag they are carrying, the brand of sunglasses they have on their face. As designers, we make products that build identities. What type of identity you build is up to you, or at least up to the people you are working for.

One particular product that has stood out lately is the iconic livestrong bracelet. Sure, it came out to all sorts of hype. Plenty of people bought one, wore it for a couple months, and then left it in a drawer somewhere. I wear mine every day, no matter if I am at school, at work (waitressing) or sleeping. For me, its a symbol of hope and a reminder of illness. Somehow, though, it gives me a little boost when I see other people wearing the bracelets. They become a symbol that we are in this together, and that quickly becomes a very powerful message.