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It looks like this blog has been skirting around issues of design more and more, and focusing on my hobbies (pie baking being one of them.) I just can't help to post about my sunflowers, though... About a week and a half ago, I picked up a Sesame Street 'my first garden' kit. I will fully admit that I was attracted by the bright yellow packaging and also that I paid $1 extra for the Big Bird stickers and matching garden stakes. The kit included six teeny plastic pots, a package of sunflower seeds, and six disks of dehydrated soil. My friends and I planted them, and within the week they went from seeds to sprouts. They've now graduated to a great big pot (my $6 investment with the original kit turned into a $20 investment with the addition of jumbo pot and soil) and I have to say that I get daily joy from watching them grow. I'm sure there is a design moral in there somewhere (perhaps the draw of Big Bird?), but for now I will leave it at the fact that there is something intrinsically happy about doing work with your hands and the many miracles of nature.