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[image credit goes to my new favorite thing: pielab]
I believe in Sundays, maybe more than anything. Sundays often mean waitressing and always mean family dinners. Family dinners form the foundation for my week, every single week. These are things I know.

Over the past couple of months, my friends and I have baked and eaten a good amount of pie. Baking pie is a relatively new interest of mine, and I'm positively smitten with the process. The balance between the amount of labor (and love) that the baker has to put in and the sense of gratification of pulling the finished pie out of the oven is addictive. I've found that tasks- like baking- that offer a quick dose of productivity are so satisfying when I spend most of my week toiling with more circuitous design projects. My point? I have no idea what I will be doing in a year, but I would bet that I will have recently made a pie of some sort no matter where I am.

[my own chicken pot pie]