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devoid of permanence

Originally uploaded by JonSaunders
Currently (maybe always?) product design seems to be about getting people to buy more of everything, more often. Electronics are one of the biggest, best examples out there... people go through cell phones like toilet paper, and I am about to be on to my fourth (fifth?) digital camera. There is, of course, the argument that technology is always improving and the products are a sign of the times. Why not, then, make an adaptable camera that can be updated and improved as time goes on? Would you be willing to invest in a higher quality product that lasts longer (perhaps a lifetime?), or do you skew toward the budget side of things? Why does budget have to mean low quality?

Also relevant: One of my good friends sent me a postcard of Platform 21's repair manifesto earlier this year. It is a sort of call to arms for designers to make things that you can repair and (I suppose) to repair things whenever you can. It's gotten a huge response for good reason- it just makes sense. Click the image to get a bigger (more read-able) version.