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tell me a story

I recently went to The Fresh Market, a small specialty grocery store, to pick up a few quick items. They have an excellent selection of relatively unique single-serve beverages that I love to peruse. One set of bottles caught my eye this time around...they were from a brand called Project 7. It's a pretty interesting company that produces bottled water, breath mints, and gum. More than 50% of the profits from sales go to seven different causes: heal the sick/ save the earth/ house the homeless/ feed the hungry/ help those in need/ build the future/ hope for peace.)

The design of the packaging is really compelling- it definitely stands out on the shelf- and tells the story almost immediately. My question, though, is would this be enough to convince you to buy their product? We have been talking about the value of story telling in industrial design, and this is a very strong example of that.

It wasn't enough for me, though... I went with a (more expensive) bottle of lemon metromint. There is just something about the combination of citrus and mint...