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old ideas are new again

Its winter and my bedroom is cold. The average temperature sits right around 64 degrees. I have a space heater, but its a monster, and frankly, I'm nervous to use it. The few times I have plugged it in, it's blown out a fuse, or thrown the breaker, or however you say that properly. What makes that worse is that the breaker box is in the furthest corner of our creepy basement and the basement lights are on the same circuit as my bedroom lights.

What I'm getting at, though, is that I have started sleeping with a heat pad. Mine is one of those things with the rice in it that you heat up in the microwave for two minutes before you hop in bed. Since I started using the heat pad, I have fallen asleep easier and slept better. I think there is something really soothing about being warm when you go to sleep.

This all got me thinking about hot water bottles, which are old and not-often-used contraptions. I think it might be time for those to come back! I mean, I don't know why everyone doesn't get one and crank the heat down when they go to sleep. I also wonder if a mini hot water bottle could be made for putting in your pocket to keep your hands warm...
(photo thanks to The BlueBoy on flickr)
This is a knit hot water bottle cover by Eskimimi over on flickr)
(photo credit goes to Ineedcoffee on flickr)
This feels like the perfect place to bring up electric tea kettles too... My roommate has one that she is nice enough to let everyone use, and it is the best thing-I-never-thought-I-needed. It heats water to boiling in three-ish minutes. This makes my newly discovered (and loved) French press coffee feasible. It would also be a great help to a hot water bottle. That being said, I cannot wait to someday invest in a very designy tea kettle. I'm loving Eva Zeisel's version...