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Today I was at target and came across this 'mini first aid kid' by Kabalab. It's a simple plastic case that comes with antiseptic swabs, band-aids, and an emergency information card. Somehow I resisted this cute little kit even though, at $5, it is definitely affordable. It is an interesting little product for a number of reasons...

-It's branded 'kabalab,' so this small firm appears to be doing the design work and the business work and getting national distribution.
-It's design driven. This thing comes with an index card, 8 band-aids, and 2 antiseptic swabs, but it still seems like a deal for $5. Stop to think about the fact that you could get a box of 25 band-aids for $3, and you realize that its the well designed plastic box and cute graphics that sell this product. This is the power of design, and I find it very impressive.
-It takes a step toward making something medical- a first-aid kit- more kid friendly.

As an aside, I would definitely recommend checking out kabalab's other products. I understand that they started their small business with the kabacase, a nifty little case for your business or credit cards. I could see how the kabacase may have paved the way for the mini first aid kit. The kabaclip is also a very well thought-out product. I don't wear contacts, but I would want one of these things if I did.

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