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Which bike would you choose?
Yesterday I decided to do a post featuring a good design and a bad design. That is really harder than it sounds, and worth some time and thought. Here is my first attempt, and I'm worried that I'm getting into bad territory by focusing on the fixie vs. the rest of the bike world.

In any case, in this situation I would call the second bike the better design, and here is why:
- The top bike is from the Urban Outfitters 'bike shop.' All the parts are generic and low-quality, but the catch is that you get to pick your own combination of flashy colors. They combine customization with a seemingly low price point (because the parts are low quality, but they don't call that out) and it could almost seem like a good deal...
- The top bike is a fixie, which is trendy, but not very useful.
- The top bike is bare-bones, and doesn't really have any features to speak of.
- The second bike, a Trek, has gears, which makes it a more efficient vehicle.
- The Trek is lightweight, which makes it easier to ride.
- The Trek comes with a rack to carry your stuff, a light, and fenders (amongst other things), which make it a worthy road warrior commuter. It makes your ride as smooth as possible.

All this being said, its an argument I will have to get back to. There is a lot going on in this comparison- including the comparison of simple vs. complex. It also makes me wonder if there is a difference in the questions 'which is the better bike' and 'which bike is designed better'...