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free thursday

Our class schedule is a little different this quarter... and through the miracle of the university over-booking our classes, I have Thursday off. That means a lot of things, but mostly that we can goof off on Wednesday nights and then Thursday morning means French press coffee and waking up slowly in a usually empty house. Peace.

Speaking of French press coffee, its been one of the best new things about this quarter for me. I picked up a press at IKEA for $12 on a whim, and I have been happily surprised by the warm, round taste of the coffee that comes out of it. There is also something satisfying about how 'analog' the process is. Somehow, I feel more like a real coffee drinker because I am using a French press now.
(awesome illustration thanks to numinumi over on Flickr)

Since its wake-up-slow day, I wanted to share this link: readymade jobs. I guess the readymade blog has a periodic feature called HDYGTFAJ (or 'how did you get that f&()^*^*& awesome job?) They are basically mini interviews with mostly young-ish people with really sweet jobs. Its inspiring.