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wine labels

About a month ago my parents made their own batch of wine (not sure what you call this...its not brewing...mixing? fermenting? hrm) Mom asked me to make a label for their wine. She sent me a sketch, and these are the two options I sent her back. The top version will be the final design.

PS: To understand the final label, you need to know a little bit of the back-story. This summer my dad went through a bone marrow transplant. His name is Ed and his donors name is Mary Kathy. My dad's blood type changed from B- before the transplant to O+ after the transplant. This is sort of a celebratory wine.

(11.23 update: At the top is a photo of one of the bottled, labeled bottles of wine. I think the labels turned out well, but the whole process had its ups and downs. The full (illustrated) review will follow in its own post...)


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