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thesis thoughts...

I have been thinking about my thesis, and have a few ideas brewing. For the sake of not forgetting them, here is what they are:
- a better mouse/insect/animal trap
- airplane oxygen bags
- 'home' kit for college students/people who move a lot/nomads
- alternative to paper cup filled water stations in athletic races

>bigger. broader ideas- What makes people willing to spend money?
-difference between retail, (buying objects), restaurant, and other services
- what role does social interaction play in determining willingness to spend money?

I would love to hear any thoughts or suggestions you have for these ideas or the thesis project in general. Our theme is 'intimacy,' but is meant to be defined by the close personal interaction between person and product or product and product.


  1. I think you are off to some really good ideas here...all with interesting ways to think about the emotional connection we have to products. I especially like the thoughts you are having about why people spend money, it will be interesting to see if anything else develops along those lines.


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